Toominga Tall offers different services:

  • For training there are : outside riding arena in size  40x80m, inner riding arena 20x40m and longue arena 20x20m. Mirrors are placed in the inner riding ground;
  • Inner and outer riding arenas are maintained daily to provide best training conditions;
  • The Riding arena is equipped with ventilation equipment;
  • Toominga Tall offers a range of price packages, so that every horse owner can pick out a pricegroup that is suitable for them;
  • Stable, saddle- and work rooms are equipped with proper ventilation systems;
  • We offer high quality feed keeping in mind the welfare of horses;
  • Sufficient movement is enabled by sand paddocks ( 18x18m ), grass paddocks (different sizes) and a horse carousel for 4 horses;
  • Toominga Tall draws attention to stables internal club, whose members receive discounts from valid pricelists;
  • Training-, national- and international competitions.