22 February 2014- Kurtna Winter Dressage Competition.

This time Toominga Dressage Center represented Goldfee and Skywalker. Goldfee was placed IV in Medium level scoring 62,857% and she was in Advanced level. Skywalker was placed V in Medium level scoring 62,048% and IV place in Advanced level scoring 61,711%.

MARCH 2014

30 March 2014 – Kurtna Winter Dressage Competition

On Saturday Scott and Romantika were competing in Kurtna. Both of them took off in advanced L –level. Scott was in I place scoring a good result 65, 938% and Romantika was placed III scoring 64,625%.

On Sunday Skywalker took I place in Medium level scoring 67, 451% and in Advanced level III place scoring 65, 570%.