JUNE 2012

On June the 30th ERL Summer Dressage Cup’s stage III took place in Niitvälja

In childrens A class Hanna-Liisa Aasmaa and Lange Linden´s Diva received the II-nd place and in pony class the pair received the III-rd place. A good result in both classes was 63,667 %.

In pony L class Hanna-Liisa Aasmaa and Lange Linden´s Diva became II-nd with the result of 61,417 %

Amongst 4.-5.year old young horses Maiken Lepiste and Finalist took the II-nd place with the result of 8,64 points. They lost the first place only by 0,06 points. Judges were extremely pleased with the high quality of gallop, awarding the gallop of Finalist with 9,4 points.

Maiken Lepiste and First Star became IV-th in the same class with the result of 8,04 points.

In 5.-6.year old horses Maiken Lepiste and Scott brough victory home with an excellent result of 7,52 points. The judges valued highly Scott’s step  - 8,5 points.

Maiken Lepiste and Orchidee took part in M and R class. Maiken was very pleased with Orchidee’s performance in R class and believes that their brightest moments are still ahead as this was only their third participation in PSG level competitions.

Many thanks to organizers and judges for a wonderful competition !

ERL Summer Dressage Cup’s  II stage took place in Vääna Riding Center on  16th of June.

First starters of the day were children and pony riders. Isabel Kärtner and Goldfee representing Toominga RC took a clear victory in the childrens class. Their excellent result was 68,667 %. In the same class also Hanna- Liisa Aasmaa and Lange Linden´s Diva took part, their good result was 63,500 %, which guaranteed them the III-rd place. They received also the III-rd place in the pony class.

Both girls also took part in junior class, where Isabel Kärtner and Goldfee received the IV-th place with the result of 61,379 % and Hanna- Liisa Aasmaa and Lange Linden´s Diva took the VI-th place.

In pony L class Hanna- Liisa Aasmaa and Lange Linden´s Diva took the IV-th place.

Kadri Tammistu and Rallija representing Toominga RC took part in the open L class.

In young horse class there were additionally to Estonian judges also judges from Finland - Inkeri Kostiainen and Tiina Karkkolainen.  Small point difference in prize-places shows a high and close quality level of young 4.-5. year-old horses.  I-st place went to Dina Ellermann on horse Donna Anna with the result of 7,86 points, II-nd place to Katrin Tinno and Damberina with the result of 7,70 points.  III-rd place to Maiken Lepiste and Finalist with the result of 7,68 points. IV-th and V-th place was shared by Maiken Lepiste on horse First Star and Ancelique Maasik on horse Carbon ML.

In 5.-6.year-old horses class Maiken Lepiste started on  5 year-old Scott. They took the II-nd place with the result of 7,02 points.

Finnish judges also graded in open M and R class. In open M class Maiken Lepiste and Orchidee placed IV-th with the result of 62,500 %.

Maiken Lepiste and Orchidee also took part in R class. Unfortunately multiple mistakes were made in the scheme, but still the feedback from the judges were extremely positive.

Excellent news from last weekend !

Tartu Region Summer Cup for Youth I stage took place on Saturday the 9th of June in ECU Stables.

Maiken Lepiste representing Toominga RC brought home double victory ! 

Maiken  started on two young horses in A class. On horse Finalist an excellent result of 73,796 % was received, which guaranteed the I-st place. The second place went to Maiken on First Star with also a high result of 72,963 %.

In the same class also Hanna-Liisa Aasmaa started on her pony Lange Linden´s Diva, with a very good result of 66,204 %. In overall this result gave them the VIII-th place. In the same class Cup points were also calculated separately for up to 23-year old riders class, in which they took the II-nd place.Maiken Lepiste and Goldfee started in L class, where they received a result of 62,241%  that gave them IV-th place. Also in this class a separate calculation was for Cup points for under 26-year old riders, where they received the I-st place.Hanna-Liisa and Lange Linden´s Diva’s result in L class was 60,259 % giving them VII-th place.

June 1st – 3rd Marlen Vassil’s Dressage Clinic in Toominga Stable

The days were long and there were a lot of participants – in average 11 trainings per day. Marlen gave a lot of useful tips and let the riders perform a lot of different exercises, while she was explaining, how the specific exercise would develop the horse and what kind of effect it will make. 

The participants wish to thank Marlen for a very interesting and educational clinic.

The next clinic should take place already in July.

MAY 2012

ERL Summer Dressage Cup’s  I stage took place in Liivaku Stables on  27th of May.

The day of the race in Liivaku was very intense. The race started at 8.00 in the morning. First starts of the day were for children and ponies. 

The winner in Childrens and Ponies class was Hanna- Liisa Aasmaa on pony Lange Linden´s Diva, with an excellent result of  63,500 %.  Hanna- Liisa and Lange Linden´s Diva train under guidance of Maiken Lepiste in Toominga Stables since March . Also Isabel Kärtner representing Toominga RC took part in childrens class on horse Goldfee. This time they were on VII-th place.

Maiken Lepiste started in young horses class on three horses. In 4.-5. year old horses class she started on two horses. On horse Finalist she took the III-rd place with the score of 6,960 and on horse First Star she took the IV-th place with the score of 6,700. 
In 5.-6. Year old horses class Maiken Lepiste and Scott took the  II-nd place with the score of 6,650. 

Also Isabel Kärtner and the horse Fiona started in the 4.-5. year old horses class and with the score of 5,940 they shared the  IX-th and X-th place. 

In open L class Kadri Tammistu representing Toominga RC started on horseRallija, they took the VII-th place with the result of 58,021 %.

The day ended with M and R class, where Maiken Lepiste started on horse Orchidee.Both for Orchidee and Maiken this was the first start ever in R class where Maiken was very pleased with her partner. 

Kilgi Stable Dressage Competition took place on May 20th 2012

RC Toominga was represented by Maiken Lepiste and Isabel Kärtner – both of them showed good results at Kilgi Stable Dressage Competition.

First starts ever in competitive sports were made by young horses Finalist, First Star and Fiona.  Also a young horse - Scott started for the first time ever  in L class competitions.

Amongst the 20 starters in A class Maiken Lepiste and First Star received the II place with the result of 68,261 %. In the same class the IV place was taken by Isabel Kärtner and Fiona with the result of 65,217 %.Maiken Lepiste and Finalist also took part in A class.

In L class Maiken Lepiste and Scott took the I-st place with an excellent result of 73,103 %.

Young horses showed their quality and readiness for the starting competitive season.

Many thanks to the organizers for a great race day!

Marlen Vassil’s training camp will take place from 1st until 3rd of June. In case of interest please contact us : by phone +372 53817867 or by e-mail:


See you soon in Toominga Stables !

APRIL 2012

On April the 28th 2012  the Finals of ERL Dressage Cup took place in Vääna Riding Center.

The day of competition started early in the morning and ended late at night. All together there were 95 starts. Maiken Lepiste and Isabel Kärtner represented Toominga RC in this competition .

Isabel Kärtner and Goldfee started 2 times. In A class in childrens starts they received an excellent result of 66,125%.  II and III place % result was exactly the same, but unfortunately overall grades gave Isabel and Goldfee this time a III-rd place result. The pair also took part in junior L class, which was the first start in this level for Isabel. They received a very good VI-th place with 60,603%.  Isabel Kärtner was on III-rd place in Overall results of the Cup in childrens A class.  Overall results were rider-based, where final result was based on the riders best result.

Maiken Lepiste and Orchidee took part in the open M class, where they received the III-rd place with the result of 63,186%. In open M class Overall  results of the Dressage Cup  Maiken Lepiste took the II-nd place.

Maiken also started on two young horses. In overall results of young horses (born 2007- 2008) Maiken received the II-nd place on horse  Scott and III-rd place on horse Saladin.  Overall results of young horses were horse-based.

This competition ended this innerseason. We wish everybody a very successful outerseason !


Raimo Heintalu

13.04 .- it’s Friday the 13th !

Please meet the new citizen of Toominga Stables – filly , mother Polystar, sire Johnson.

Foal was named JACQUELINE TDC

MARCH 2012

On March 31st Maiken Lepiste took part in training competitions on two horses in M class. Orchidee’s result was 65,33%.
Skywalker’s result was 64,36%.

Marlen Vassil’s training session took place in Toominga Tall on March 28th.

Everybody who took part in the training were very satisfied. We hope to see Marleen visiting Estonia more often.

On March 18th  III stage of ERL Dressage Cup took place in Ruila Stables.

Due to the large amount of participants the competitions started early morning already at 8 o’clock.  First program was for 4-5 year old young horses. 

Maiken Lepiste represented RC Toominga in this class on two horses – Saladin and Scott. II place was achieved by Scott with an excellent result of 7,160 points. Scott was magnificent and Maiken was very pleased with the young horse. Saladin took III place with the result of 6,790 – points were lost due to disobedience in competition .

On the second half of the day Maiken Lepiste made two starts in M open class. She received II place on horse Skywalker, who lost I place only by 1 point. Skywalkers result was 64,238 %. 

IV place went to Orchidee with the result of 60,619 %.

Maiken was very pleased with the horses and wishes to thank also her trainer Angelique Maasik.

Liivaku Winter Competitions

On the March 4th new member of RC Toominga Kadri Tammistu participated in Liivaku Winter Dressage Competition 2012. On horse Rallija Kadri received 2nd place with 66% in easier L-level program (L4).


Febrary 24th  Dr. Ulf Möller is in Estonia!

Dr. Ulf Möller visited Estonia on it´s anniversary. He held his clinic in Loo stables. 10 couples were represented in the clinic- horses and riders of different level. A lot of interesting was heared and seen in the trainings.


On January 28th II stage of ERL Dressage Cup of indoor season took place in Niitvälja.

Maiken Lepiste representing RC Toominga made a nice start in new season in the class of 4.-5.year old horses. There were overall 8 starts in this class. II and III place went took Maiken Lepiste on horses Saladin - with the result of 7,3 and Scott - with the result of 6,66.